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a quick jaunt to Panama

Kingfisher and I have been to Panama twice before. I had a project I wanted to finish researching down there, so the long Thanksgiving weekend was a good opportunity for a short visit. Home base was Canopy Tower, in the Soberanía National Park near Gamboa, where we’ve stayed before. I can’t say enough great things […]

trip creatures

The first banana slug, next to my hand. Very cool. And we had lice in the rental car. But had to pay for them.

other scenes from texas

People complain when all I have from my travels are insect photos. Hey, I watch birds, I photograph insects. In fact, although I carry a point-and-shoot, I only have a macro lens on my good camera. It was so windy…

birding at finca hartmann

Ever since I began drinking coffee, I have been a strong and vocal advocate of what is known as “shade-grown” coffee, but what I like to call “sustainable coffee.” If there is one thing coffee-drinking birders can do to help…

panama miscellany

Just a few odds and ends from the latter portion of our Panama trip… When I first saw this bridge near our place in Paso Ancho, I was not enthusiastic about crossing it. Not only do I have a crappy…

panama bird wrap-up

We are back home from Panama. The day before we left was stifling, about 85F but with nearly 90% humidity. Tonight here at home we are to have wind chills below zero. Yuck. We ended up with 227 bird species….

Normally, I don’t like spending much time in a car, but it is a good way to see the land. However, the six-hour trip between Panama City and Volcan was a dud. Lots of cows.

panama, day 3

Another (not quite as long) day on Pipeline Road brought us fewer birds as we concentrated on insects. We decided to focus on the Juan Grande stream crossing at 2 km and a few feeder creeks above it. We were…

An exhausting day yesterday, full of birds and bugs on only the first mile of Pipeline Road. The coolest life bird was a White-whiskered Puffbird sitting, still-life, by the side of the road. Like all other puffbirds I’ve ever seen,…