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Urban issues

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The Rouge River is an urban river, and its urban character is nowhere better reflected than where it gets harnessed into its concrete straitjacket.

Over yonder in the right sidebar is a list of Urban Ecology Resources. You can expand each category by clicking on it.  One item in the Literature category is my urban bird bibliography (Word doc), where I keep track of papers published on the topic. I’ve just uploaded a new version. New additions include: Benitez-Lopez, […]

a blind eye

I’m a member of The Wildlife Society, and I read their blog, Making Tracks, which has a lot of great posts of interest to an urban ecologist. In particular, I like the posts of Michael Hutchins, the executive director of the organization. He is an unapologetic straight-shooter,  especially on invasive species issues. He frequently writes […]

the good, bad, and the ugly

Kingfisher and I were out and about over the weekend. There’s not much joy in the Motor City these days. But we did make our way to one of Detroit’s bright spots for lunch, Slows Bar BQ. We had a…

The overpopulation of certain species, whether native or not, can cause problems. When these species are appealing to the public, their control becomes an even bigger challenge. Previously, I discussed these issues in regards to White-tailed Deer and Mute Swans….

detroit’s brush park

One place I’ve been meaning to get to — not only to survey for birds but just from my interest in Detroit history — is the neighborhood in midtown called Brush Park. Brush Park was once one of Detroit’s most…

Via Invasive Species Weblog, a story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the Wisconsin DNR will allow citizens in three southern counties in that state to “adopt” wild Mute Swans and spare them from approved lethal control measures, provided they…

Recently we returned to the urban prairie, with camera, to check up on the birds. Here’s the same neighborhood by City Airport shown in the previous post, from Google Maps

Do you remember the beautiful old beech tree I wrote about, the one that was being exposed by the building of trails in a new park? I had feared the woods would be ruined by invasive species and drying winds…

urban prairie

I’ve written before about doing bird survey work in the midst of some of Detroit’s most decaying neighborhoods. Early Sunday morning, husband and I set out to once again see what breeding birds we could find by driving routes through…