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Golden squares

I posted this old recipe a few years ago, but it didn’t make the move from the old blog. I thought I’d just scan the 40-plus-year-old recipe I have taped to an index card. Just three ingredients (I leave out the nuts) for the richest, densest, sweetest treat EV-AH! I don’t bother with the waxed […]

birthday smiles

Yesterday was my birthday. Kingfisher left me a card and a couple small gifts on my desk in the morning. He often signs notes and cards “me” instead of using his name. We laughed at the ambiguity of his inscription in my birthday card: It took me a few more hours to come across the […]

do I know you?

Why do you want to be my friend, Stranger? Friend requests from people I don’t know on Facebook.

Hello world — again!

After a hiatus of nearly a year, I am finally moving Bootstrap Analysis to a new web host, and will eventually begin posting here again, although not as regularly as before. Initially, there will be some broken links and missing images until I clean up the database. The wonky spacing might remain forever, I don’t […]

the year in birds: 2009

This has turned into a tradition. Here are links to 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. New life birds: 37. Most were from my trip to Nicaragua in March. The last one was either Banded Wren or Long-tailed Manakin. The latter…

the year in birds: 2008

Most notable for me birding-wise in 2008 was my inadvertent big year in my home city. I had 169 species, blowing away any previous year’s total. I got my last city bird New Year’s Eve day, an American Black Duck…

The the Partners in Flight (PIF) conference in south Texas has just wound down. It was an interesting three days catching up on bird conservation research, good birds, and old friends. “New” friends, too. Here I am apparently throttling a…

Did you really think (did I really think?) I would post every day on vacation? The days got too long and the photos and experiences too many. We are back in Panama City after a great time in the western…

the year in birds: 2007

I did this for 2005 and 2006, and it’s easier than making New Year’s resolutions. Number of species seen: I generally only keep local year lists, and in 2007 only kept up with a year list for my home city….