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Cat blogging

a belated goodbye

Juniper Grace Born March 2007. Adopted from the Dearborn Animal Shelter in December 2008 by Julie and Darrin. Loved so very, very much for 14 years. Released from her suffering on January 11, 2023 after a short but rapid decline from pancreatic cancer. Juniper came to us after the loss of our cat Kady as […]

10 years with “the bug”!

Juniper (a.k.a. Juni, June Bug, The Bug, My Beautiful Girl) has been with us for ten years now. At nearly 12 years old, she is still as goofy, sweet, and playful as ever. We lost our beloved Sophie in 2013 and it was devastating for all of us, including Juniper. She was clearly depressed for […]

My cats, indoors

I’ve banged this drum before, but please — keep your cats indoors.

two years with juniper

It’s been two years since Juniper became part of the family. Whereas our other cat Sophie is mellow, cuddly, and just wants to be loved, Juniper is affectionate, but often rambunctious and always entertaining. It’s hard to remember life without her bright-eyed curiosity and constant antics. Love you, cutie.

a blind eye

I’m a member of The Wildlife Society, and I read their blog, Making Tracks, which has a lot of great posts of interest to an urban ecologist. In particular, I like the posts of Michael Hutchins, the executive director of the organization. He is an unapologetic straight-shooter,  especially on invasive species issues. He frequently writes […]

My husband is a bigger Flickr user than I am and has a lot of contacts. Looking over his shoulder, I’d often see him browsing photos of the same engaging tuxedo cat. Every day there would be a new batch….

Her fur has a kind of odd texture. Soft, but like a cheap stuffed animal. She hisses at Sophie, but it is often preceded by a pig-like grunt. Normally, she’s very quiet, but her regular voice sounds like a Tribble….

welcome to our family

After losing Kady, my husband and I knew we wanted to get another cat. We thought it would take some time to find an adult cat with just the right personality to go along with Sophie. Our local shelter is…

saying goodbye

I had to say goodbye to my number one cat today. Kady took a turn for the worse on Wednesday. It’s true — you know when it’s time. I’ve never had to have a pet put down before. Scheduling her…

the enforcer

Try to slip a pizza ad in our door, and you’ll be forced to provide a belly rub.