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Blogs, links, and the like

Over yonder in the right sidebar is a list of Urban Ecology Resources. You can expand each category by clicking on it.  One item in the Literature category is my urban bird bibliography (Word doc), where I keep track of papers published on the topic. I’ve just uploaded a new version. New additions include: Benitez-Lopez, […]

6-word birding meme

Birding Girl tagged me with the 6-word birding meme. I have resisted all the 6-word memes that have been circulating for the last several months because at the keyboard, I am not a person of few words. How to distill…

Last year, the web site of the journal Nature posted a list of 50 popular science blogs, and bootstrap made the list. Now the weekly magazine The Scientist is also compiling a list. I see at least one kind soul…

what brings you here?

Well, I haven’t done this in awhile, so here is another installment in the Idiotic Google Searches series. More actual search strings that brought people to bootstrap… robot chicken farmers natural human popping sounds elder bug secrets news background scratching…

the oldest book I own

I saw this meme-ish thing at Snail’s Tales, via Abnormal Interests, and thought I’d play along. Topic = “What is the oldest book you own?” I have a lot of old books, most around the turn of the 20th century….