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My cats, indoors

We’ve had Sophie since she was a kitten. She’s never been allowed outdoors, and shows absolutely no interest in going out. Maybe because there are fewer gullible humans to cuddle with than inside our house.

Juniper was a stray we got as an adult, and has been harder to keep away from the doors. We have a boatload of toys for her, so we’re all well entertained. She finally gets the point she can’t go out; we’re still working on the concept of window screens.

I’ve banged this drum before, but please — keep your cats indoors.

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  • biobabbler April 24, 2011, 12:45 am

    Funny. First time to your site and it’s on a topic I’m VERY into. Conservation biologist with 2 cats who are indoors, thank you very much. =) It’s amazing to me how people who are wildlife biologists can have indoor/outdoor cats. Really? Millions of lizards, birds, bugs, mice, every year. GREAT to hear you advocate this approach to kitty happiness and health and long life.