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Update to urban bird literature

Over yonder in the right sidebar is a list of Urban Ecology Resources. You can expand each category by clicking on it.  One item in the Literature category is my urban bird bibliography (Word doc), where I keep track of papers published on the topic. I’ve just uploaded a new version. New additions include:

  • Benitez-Lopez, A., R. Alkemade, and P. A. Verweij. 2010. The impacts of roads and other infrastructure on mammal and bird populations: a meta-analysis. Biological Conservation 143:1307-1316.
  • Hu, Y., and G. C. Cardoso. 2010. Which birds adjust the frequency of vocalizations in urban noise? Animal Behaviour 79: 863-867.
  • Isaac-Renton, M., J. R. Bennett, R. J. Best, and P. Arcese. 2010. Effects of introduced Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) on native plant communities of the southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia. Ecoscience 17:394-399.
  • Kempenaers, B., P. Borgstrom, P. Loes, E. Schlicht, and M. Valcu. 2010. Artificial night lighting affects dawn song, extra-pair siring success, and lay date in songbirds. Current Biology 20:1735-1739.
  • Saggesea, K., F. Korner-Nievergelt, T. Slagsvold, and V. Amrhein. 2011. Wild bird feeding delays start of dawn singing in the great tit. Animal Behaviour 81: 361-365.

Papers in the whole document go back to about 2003, taking up where the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory bibliography left off.

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