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the strange allure of tussi

My husband is a bigger Flickr user than I am and has a lot of contacts. Looking over his shoulder, I'd often see him browsing photos of the same engaging tuxedo cat. Every day there would be a new batch. Although I take a fair number cat pictures of my own very cute cats, I tend to categorize excessive pet photos as a little weird.

Then I started looking at this cat, whose name is Tussi. She is undeniably pretty, and exceptionally photogenic. And it doesn't hurt that her owner, Staffan, is an excellent photographer. Staffan lives in Sweden and took a medical retirement. He often cannot get out and about too much, hence Tussi is frequently his subject.

Because of the time difference, every morning when I have a cup of coffee and go online, there is a new batch of Tussi photos to look at.  I've actually come to look forward to seeing how her day went. A huge part of the appeal is that Staffan's captions and narratives are charming and nearly always make me smile.

I didn't want to post a photo of Tussi here, so go visit her yourself:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/vanstaffs/

I think one reason I've been so captivated is that Staffan and Tussi have made me appreciate how the Internet has made the world smaller in a completely good way. No matter what kind of crap is going on in my life, I find a little peace in knowing that four thousand miles away, there is a man and his cat, enjoying a lovely garden.

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