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weather is great, wish you were here

Did you really think (did I really think?) I would post every day on vacation?  The days got too long and the photos and experiences too many. We are back in Panama City after a great time in the western highlands, and I will post more about that later. We have one more day here before our return home.

Meanwhile, I’d like to announce that The Open Laboratory 2007 has now been published. This is the second annual anthology of the best science blogging of the year. I’m pleased to say that out of over 450 submissions one of my posts, “Shrew Party,” was included in this edition. I also had a post (The Little Farter“) in the inaugural publication last year. Now the pressure is on to produce at least one decent natural history post a year.

You can read more about The Open Lab over at A Blog Around the Clock. It was Bora’s brainchild, and this year’s edition was speedily edited by Reed Cartright. Many kudos to them and all my fellow authors.

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  • island rambles January 15, 2008, 12:36 am

    Wish I was there also….we have had rain for three weeks….love your blog and can't find your contact, would like to reciprocal link and add you to my bird carnival. Cheers from Canada.

  • Nuthatch January 15, 2008, 6:46 am

    E-mail is on my About Page, upper left sidebar.

  • Hawkeye January 15, 2008, 9:37 am

    Yes, I do think you should post everyday from vacation. However, you caught me in a good mood today so I will let this one go. But next time, daily updates are required.


  • kestrel360 January 17, 2008, 8:22 am

    Well, of course you would post a journal every day…….yeah, right! If your trips are anything like mine, you faithfully do your checklists, notes and journals every night, for about 3 nights. But after a few days, bedtime gets earlier and earlier. By the end of the trip, I'm lucky just to get the checklists done!