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panama, day 3: arrival in highlands

Normally, I don’t like spending much time in a car, but it is a good way to see the land. However, the six-hour trip between Panama City and Volcan was a dud. Lots of cows.

We’re now at about 5600 feet. The house we are renting was recommended by a friend, who has also purchased property in the area. This place is twice as big as our house at home, and cheaper than our mediocre hotel in Panama City. Check it out:


This is our house; we have 2 of the 6 acres of the property to ourselves. Just off to the right out of the frame is the Rio Chiriqui Viejo:


There are Torrent Tyrnanulets feeding on the rocks — super cool! The yellow flowers had about 15 hummingbirds of 6 species hanging around. Here’s a view of the house from the river:


The front yard had Blue-crowned Motmot, Flame-colored Tanager, and Orange-billed Nightingale-thrush, to name a few. The name of this property is Las Plumas. We can already highly recommend it! Off to sit on the porch…

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