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8 random facts meme

I’ve been tagged with the eight random facts meme by Birders on the Border.

  1. I sit down in public toilets (one day, I will write an entire post about my thoughts on this topic).
  2. In the fourth grade, I tested with a ninth grade vocabulary (as high as the test went at the time) but I refused to be promoted a grade or put in special classes.
  3. I hate those useless, stupid bread-bag tags. What happened to twist ties?
  4. Occupations of my closest friends: college professor, medical lab tech, elevator repairman, cop, environmental ed (3), zookeeper, museum collections manager, photographer (2), IRS agent, doctor, student, magazine editor.
  5. I tend to think I’m not very likable because I’m blunt and opinionated.
  6. This is one of three blogs I write for pretty regularly. I have a couple more private ones.
  7. One of my (publicly-admittible) vices is celebrity gossip.  Where else but TMZ could you read a sentence like, “Wearing a tie-dye patterned satin mini made from curtains at the Days Inn Tehran [and] carrying a ‘My Lil’ Kidney’ purse…”
  8. I’m getting LASIK done in November.

I don’t really like tagging people with memes…and most of the bloggers in our corner of the world seem to have done this one already.  However, I  think my friends at Birder’s World Field of View write a blog that is way too serious for their personalities. I’m going to mix it up: Jess and Chuck, post 8 random facts about each other.  Matt and Ernie, do the same for each other.

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  • Patrick July 10, 2007, 1:15 pm

    I want to know more about #1 (no pun intended). On #3, when I was in elementary school someone figured out that if you break one of the "tabs" off of those things, stick the remaining part on the tip of your finger, and then do a "flicking" motion with your fingers, they fly really far. Those things whizzed by my head for a few weeks until they were banned.

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