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Friday cat blog: kady’s back!

Just in time for Friday, I discovered that it is customary and expected that all great bloggers with cats blog about their cats on Fridays, a tradition that was even covered by the New York Times. And here I was all ready with a pic and an update.

Kady was not normal when we returned from Texas, as I Kadyglass_2 had hoped and expected. She was still afraid to come downstairs, and would sit at the top and whine.  If I (risking hernia) picked her up and brought her down, she was okay, but kept hustling back up there, after hissing at Sophie.  Suddenly today she saunters down, has a snack, checks out the magic catnip  rug, and goes through her strange ritual of scratching at the table and waving a paw in their air before she takes a drink from her glass on the table.  If true to form, she will now act as if nothing ever happened. So, a 9-day episode. Much shorter than the 3-month, post-vet ordeal, but the same type of ending.  When she finally snapped out of that one, we nearly fell over when she first came sashaying down the stairs and across the room. It’s good to have her back.

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